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Dhruv, Dusshera and a milestone?

A few days back I got a call from a lady who stays in the same colony as us and whose kid is Dhruv’s classmate. She invited us for a puja in her house. She had heard her son Shashi talk about Dhruv’s singing and was very keen to hear him. Now Dhruv too talked a lot about Shashi and he heard me talk to her so he promptly decided he wanted to go to Shashi’s house on Dusshera and meet Viji aunty and Shashi. I messaged Viji and told her that Dhruv has Autism and is very keen to come but he can get overwhelmed if there is a crowd. She assured me there would be no crowd and made me feel comfortable enough to go. We have never shied from taking Dhruv for social occasions and I prepared Dhruv that there could be lots of uncles, aunties and amma didn’t know. He should not shout or say no looking, no talking to Dhruv which could easily happen when he got overwhelmed.

So yesterday evening the two of us went for the puja and met Viji and her family. Viji’s school friend too was there and for whatever reason Dhruv felt comfortable enough to sing and he regaled them with all Shahrukh Khan songs. Next Viji asked him if she could sing with him and she gave him a choice of songs and he choose one and together they sang ‘Mehndi Lagake Rakhna’! Since there was a puja ladies kept coming and going but he seemed fine with it.

I was so ecstatic that he was so perfectly behaved and even cooperated with a stranger and sang together which for him was a big milestone. He even played a bit with Shashi though for him knowing people wanted him to sing was more of a pull and I could see him really enjoying being the focus of attention.

Viji and her friend too were so supportive and encouraged him and I felt happy we went. As parents many a time we hesitate to take our special kids for social occasions,I learnt people can be pretty sensitive if you just open up and I felt happy that people like Viji exist in our society and they are emphatic enough to make kids like Dhruv feel included in a very positive and real way.

Indeed it is a very happy Dusshera and hope you folks have an amazing Dusshera as well!


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