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This article consists of the list of Inclusive lifestyle brands in India.

1. Zyenika, Kolkata

(Image source: The Hindu)

Soumita Basu’s Zyenika is a pioneer in promoting Inclusive Fashion. They design elegant and stylish clothes to cater to all body shapes, sizes, and abilities. While they serve everyone, People with disabilities, chronic illnesses, elderly particularly benefit from it. The designs are adapted to the physical requirements of all to dress with ease, and comfort, painlessly and quickly, with enhanced independence if needed. Their main focus is inclusion and thus they mindfully work and source from marginalized communities, women, and pwds.
Visit, @zyenika on Instagram

2. Ekansh Trust, Pune

(Image source: Hindusthan Times)

The founder of the disability welfare NGO Ekansh Trust, Anita Iyer has come up with an initiative toward adaptive clothing. The trust had organized an adaptive clothing design contest ‘Ad-dress’ to welcome new flexible clothing designs. Nearly 15 design teams came forward and Ekansh developed a catalog consisting of 30 clothing designs that are suitable for all irrespective of one’s disability or budget. The designs are customizable and can be changed/altered according to the need of the customer.
Visit @addressnow on Instagram, https:youtubebJN_9jeCfDg

3. Move Ability, Kottayam

(Image source: The Hindu)

Joe Ikareth is the founder of Move Ability, a clothing solutions brand in Kottayam, India. It all started with him designing uniforms for his daughter, Tilotama, who has a partially paralyzed right arm. He then moved a bigger spectrum of designing special clothing for people with autism. He experiments with the colors, designs, and fabric, to create clothing that the customer will love wearing. Because everyone has a different degree of autism and each one has unique needs, Ikareth talks to the caregivers and customizes the clothes accordingly.
Visit moveability. in, @moveability_clothing on Instagram

4. 6 Dots

(Image source: The Hindu)

6 Dots, founded by Parul Sachdeva, a designer from Delhi, is an adaptive fashion line for blind and visually impaired women. The garments are generally made using textured fabric and have Braille tags attached to them. The embroidery provides surface texture which makes it easy for the visually impaired to understand what they are wearing.
According to Parul, “It’s all about giving someone dignity, confidence, and choice.”.

5. Aaraam Se, Kochi

(Image source: The Hindu)

Aaraam Se is an inclusive lifestyle brand, founded by Ashima Bhan, for the differently-abled, people with prosthetics, and the elderly, who may find movement difficult. The clothes has zippers, Velcro, and elastic instead of buttons, button holes, or tie-ups. There are a range of clothes they have- from shirts to kurtas to stiched sarees, etc.

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