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“Love on the Spectrum” is a U.S reality show that features seven individuals who have autism. The main focus of the show is to educate people about autism and the way these individuals interact with society — not just their journey to find love, but everything that comes with that. Love on the Spectrum highlights each characters perspectives on family, relationships and life itself.

Love is a beautiful thing. It can bind two people together in a bond that makes them feel more special than each of their own selves. The seven featured characters of the show also share the same concerns and long for understanding, loving partners, who will accept them as they are.

 The show exposes the viewers to fascinating details about autism and how people with the condition are treated. The fact that all of the characters have a form of autism makes them highly relatable, even though they have their own problems. Their struggles, strengths and general outlook on life makes this show a great source of information and support for those who have never met people with autism before.

This series is the perfect example for the kind of production Indian media should make. It should realize its responsibility to come up with such content that will help people understand the spectrum better and make them more accepting towards people with autism.

Watch the show on Netflix .

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