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Ruchika, an ardent proponent of parent empowerment had started one of her blogposts on child safety with the following prayer – 

A Prayer: It’s not only an expectation but a fervent  prayer of a parent  of a child with special needs that the child is always in safe secure environment and that the professionals , teachers , care givers , family members , all people dealing with the child equally value the child and  are kind and sensitive towards the child looking beyond the disability.

This plea to society is one that all families with differently abled children would relate to.

The presentation shown above highlights that urgent call to society, and how we all must strive to create a safe zone for our children, whether it is at home, at the school or at a therapy centre. Please feel free to download it and share it with your friends and family. Help our children by spreading awareness of ways to ensure they remain safe, comfortable and happy where ever they are.

Disclaimer : This presentation has been adapted from the presentation made by  Ruchika Sethi Takkar to Gurugram Police in 2014, and has been shared on this platform with prior permission. 

Acknowledgement : We thank Ms.Renu Singh, Consultant and Trainer (Project Suvidha) at Enfold Proactive Health Trust for reviewing the content and providing feedback.

We would like to extend our heatfelt gratitude to Ms.Hemanta Nijhawan for volunteering her time and effort with us towards the translation of this presentation from English to Hindi.

Additonally, please check out the Social Circles tool. A graphic tool to teach your child the concept of personal space and safety.

कृपया सूचना पत्र के हिंदी अनुवाद को देखने के लिए ऊपर स्क्रॉल बार का उपयोग करे



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