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Dyscalculia is a mathematical disability in which a learner finds it difficult to solve arithmetic problems and have trouble grasping other math concepts.

Most school-going children have trouble with learning mathematics, but those with a learning disability experience significant difficulty with the subject.

Some are easily distracted while others find fact memorization particularly difficult.

Children with Dyscalculia may exhibit

§  Mathematical skill gaps

§  Uneven performance

§  Difficulty in remembering words or their meaning

§  Difficulty in problem solving

NOTE : As you check for signs and symptoms of learning disabilities in your child, please understand that these signs may vary from child to child. Every child is unique. No child will definitively exhibit all the symptoms. You can however aim to check if multiple signs described in the presentation above fit the characteristics exhibited by your child, in the event of which a case for a learning disability maybe suspected and assesssed accordingly.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified practitioner for effective diagnosis and management.

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