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Developmental Paediatrician and founder of Ummeed, Dr.Vibha Krishnamurthy says, “We know that NOT engaging and interacting with kids early is limiting their potential”

The first few years of growth and development of the brain is most critical for any child’s neurological foundation. This is imperative to understand especially in children with special needs. Support in the form of early intervention services involve interaction with a team of specialists, who can provide the know-how and guidance to address any gap in a child’s physical, cognitive and social skills, to name a few.

Dr.Krishnamurthy advocates the long-term benefits of early understanding and intervention into a child’s specific needs. Parents acknowledging this early-on will help their child make long strides, that can have a long lasting impact on their overall quality of life.

Watch this insightful talk (below) by the founder of Ummeed Child Development Center, an organization which true to it’s name provides hope to families of special children. Hope in the form of diverse specialized services focussed on early intervention planning for children with disabilities.

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