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This article consists of the list of Entrepreneurs with disabilities.

1. Swasti Mehta, Pudina Punch, Mumbai. 

Pudina punch

Swasti is a 27-year-old girl based in Mumbai and was diagnosed with Down syndrome at the time of her birth. She was always keen on cooking and often experimented with cooking by making smoothies for her family. In the year 2020, she, with the constant support of her family, launched a brand called ‘Pudina Punch’. Swasti’s Pudina drink is not any ordinary drink but is very useful in digestion and acidity-related problems. 

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2. Imaan Javan, Suntuity REI.


(Image Source: Mumbai news)

Imaan Javan was diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disability, in childhood. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in life sciences from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, Imaan did a diploma in forensic science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and an MBA from Cardiff University in the UK. After switching a few jobs, she started ‘Suntuity REI’ in 2011, which develops, finances, builds, owns, and operates best-in-class residential, commercial, and utility-scale renewable energy solutions worldwide. 

3. Aditi Verma, Aditi’s Corner, Mumbai.

Aditi’s corner

(Image Source: Startup talky)

Down syndrome never stopped Aditi from fulfilling her dreams. At the age of 25, Aditi launched her cafe named ‘Aditi’s Corner’. Apart from operating it, she also serves the customers coffee and pastries. She was also awarded the Entrepreneur beyond Challenge Award from the Rotary Club of Mumbai in 2017. 

4. Prem Sankar,, Chennai. 

Prem Sankar

(Image Source: Gaon connection)

Prem Sankar, the founder of codewithprem. in, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of five. Prem, now 25, got familiar with computers from a very tender age, and his skills developed as he grew older. Prem was always good at solving puzzles and playing computer games. These led him to start his digital brand, ‘codewithprem. in’, where he builds websites for small businesses and events.

5. Ajit Babu, LifeHack Innovation.

Ajit Babu

(Image Source: Yourstory)

Ajit Babu, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Dyslexia, is creating havoc in the media and energy space. At this young age, he is already the founder of three startups, the most significant being ‘LifeHack Innovation’. LifeHack Innovation was started in 2015 just after the Nepal earthquake occurred. Initially, the company focused on bringing renewable energy into the everyday lives of people, by turning everyday gadgets eco-friendly. Later, the focus shifted to making a portable power bank run by both solar and wind energy. The power bank will also be chargeable with electricity.
Ajit Babu was also involved in two other startups in the media space namely ‘Street Light Media’ and ‘Dream Click’.

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