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In a bid to shed light on the challenges faced by families of individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities, Nayi Disha has launched a new Awareness series. The initiative aims to bring attention to the improper inquiries and remarks that are all too common in the lives of these families.

The comic series, titled “Bolo Magar Sochke,” takes a lighthearted approach to promoting inclusivity and language sensitization. Through engaging illustrations, the series features dialogues between characters like Disha/Naveen and various members of society. Many of these scenarios are inspired by real-life situations shared by members of Nayi Disha’s parent group.

Each illustration presents inappropriate comments and inquiries that families of individuals with disabilities often encounter. Importantly, the series also provides appropriate and respectful responses to these situations, offering a guide on how to navigate such conversations.

The ultimate goal of the Awareness series is to encourage conversations around the need for inclusive language and understanding. By sharing these comics with relatives and friends, Nayi Disha hopes to create a ripple effect of awareness and support for building a more welcoming atmosphere.

Readers are invited to share their own experiences and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about language sensitization and inclusivity.

Acknowledgements: We express gratitude to contributors such as Mugdha Kalra, Bookosmia, Not That Different- An Inclusive World By Kids, and Disability Visibility India for their valuable support in bringing this initiative to life.

To gain insights into real-life parenting experiences, explore the narratives shared on this blog.

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