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In a comprehensive series of six podcasts, developmental pediatrician Dr. Ajay Sharma addresses the common and challenging realm of behavior problems in children. With a focus on providing practical solutions, Dr. Sharma shares his expertise to assist both children and parents in achieving stability.

1. All Behavior Is Communication: Dr. Ajay Sharma kicks off the series by highlighting the fundamental concept that all behavior serves as a form of communication. Unpacking the nuanced ways in which children express themselves, this podcast lays the groundwork for understanding the underlying messages behind their actions.

2. All Behavior Has A Reason: Building on the first episode, Dr. Sharma explores the concept that every behavior has a reason. Delving into the motivations behind children’s actions, this podcast equips parents with the tools to decipher and address the root causes of behavioral challenges.

3. How to Help Your Child Learn Good Behavior? This segment delves into actionable strategies for fostering positive behavior in children. Dr. Ajay Sharma provides practical tips and guidance for parents looking to actively engage their children in the process of learning and exhibiting good behavior.

4. What to Do When a Child’s Behavior Becomes Difficult? Addressing the inevitable challenges, this podcast offers insights on handling difficult behaviors. Dr. Sharma provides valuable advice on effective strategies to navigate and respond to challenging behavior with empathy and constructive solutions.

5. How to Manage Behavioral Crises of Meltdown and Shutdown? Dr. Ajay Sharma guides parents through managing behavioral crises, specifically focusing on meltdowns and shutdowns. This podcast offers practical approaches to handle these situations with sensitivity and effectiveness.

6. Self-Injurious (Hitting/Biting Self) and Self-Stimulatory Behaviors: Concluding the series, Dr. Sharma sheds light on self-injurious and self-stimulatory behaviors. Offering understanding and strategies, this podcast provides crucial insights for parents dealing with these complex behaviors in their children.

Dr. Ajay Sharma’s six-part podcast series serves as a valuable resource for parents seeking practical solutions to behavior problems. With a compassionate and knowledgeable approach, he empowers parents to navigate challenges, decode their child’s communication through behavior, and foster positive and healthy development.

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