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When we were in Delhi, we used to take Dhruv for therapy to this wonderful therapy centre called “Children First”. “Children First” hosts an annual event called “Imagine” which tries to create awareness on different social issues like mental health, disability and other related issues. Last year the theme was “Parenting With Courage” and I was asked to write a post on it, so here goes…


Parenting with courage is…

­discovering the innate survivor and superhero in me.

…realising our lives are far richer because of Dhruv.

…understanding Autism is not the enemy, it’s part of Dhruv and working on understanding him.

…a life long journey of love, hope, courage and miracles while discovering the road less travelled.

…a family dealing with dementors on a daily basis and yet finding hope, magic and laughter in the little joys of life.

…experiencing an amazing abundance of love from a child who is handling the challenges of being ‘different.’

…creating beautiful narratives of hope, courage and love.

…dealing with dark thunderstorms and rainbows and having the courage to believe and focus on the rainbows.

…a journey of self-discovery and realising the world is indeed beautiful from a ‘different’ perspective.

…discovering a beautiful world through my child’s eyes.

…learning to live in the ‘now’ with my child and living life king size.

…learning to appreciate the wide eyed wonder in my child’s eyes and the hugs that come my way.

…learning to live with hope, anxiety, meltdowns and lots of unconditional love.

…pushing the boundaries for my child.




…making my child the most important priority of my life.

…feeling like an avenger and fighting a different ‘Thanos’ on a daily basis.

…accepting life with Autism is tough and there will be good days and bad and we will survive them all.

…heartbreak at seeing my son struggle with things I take for granted.

…having the wisdom to know when, where and how much to push my child.

…feeling a lump in my throat when I hear an ‘I love you’ from my son who struggles to communicate. 

…celebrating every little milestone of my son knowing it came with a huge amount of effort.

…feeling blessed to hear my son create some amazing music.

…feeling amazed at this little boy of mine who struggles on a daily basis yet laughs it off and tries again…true symbol of courage ! 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are my personal thoughts and are not meant to offend anyone’s beliefs and sensibilities.

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