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Mitochondria are the most important little engines in our body that are controllers of energy metabolism, aptly termed as powerhouses of each body cell.

Problems encountered in the way the mitochondria function can cause problems in the body. Individuals who have mitochondrial disorders are not widespread across human population.  It is observed in a much smaller subset of the population, unlike Autism. Hence, mitochondrial dysfunction cannot be termed a co-morbidity. The correlation between mitochondrial dysfunction and Autism came from the assessment of one case where the child had both mitochondrial dysfunction and Autism. This one instance cannot be extrapolated as a cause for Autism. Unless research shows a clear genetic link where a gene defect associated with mitochondrial dysfunction is also linked to the onset of Autism, it cannot be correlated. Hence, mitochondrial dysfunction isn’t a cause for Autism from what is scientifically known today.

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