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In this video Special Educator & Auditory Verbal Therapist (AVT), Ms.Kim Chadda highlights different ways to encourage good listening skills in a child with hearing impairment.

Some everyday tips to help a child develop their listening skills –

  • Getting rid of any background noise when working with the child.
  • Making eye-contact with the child when speaking to them.
  • Getting down to face-level with the child when communicating.
  • Using a combination of both verbal & non-verbal communication.
  • Using gestures when speaking.
  • Encouraging the child to participate in turn-taking exercises.
  • Repeating whatever the child has expressed.
  • Listening completely to what the child is expressing before responding.
  • Alerting the child to different sounds occurring around them in the moment.
  • Drawing the child’s attention to whatever the parent is working on or engaged in.
  • Speaking one at a time when speaking in the child’s presence.
  • Making speaking fun for the child!
  • Elaborating on any topic being discussed with the child.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.


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