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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disability that is typically characterized by signs such as difficulty in social communication and interaction, repetitive and restricted patterns of behavior, activities, and interests, along with challenges in learning and sensory processing. While the exact cause of autism remains unknown, various research and studies suggest that both genes and the environment may play important roles in its development.

In most cases, autism is diagnosed in early childhood or during toddler age, relying on various standardized tests and observations by developmental pediatricians, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Evidence-based interventions for autism include speech therapy, occupational therapy, early intensive behavior therapy, and social skill training. Although no cure for autism has been found, these evidence-based therapies can help a child with autism reach their full potential.

Despite these known interventions, some medical practitioners mislead parents and families of children with autism by promoting Stem cell therapy as a complete cure for autism. Unfortunately, many innocent parents get lured into this trap and end up spending their life savings on an unproven treatment, which can also be potentially harmful.

So, let us first understand what Stem cell therapy is. Stem cells are specialized cells with the ability of self-renewal and can be a lifelong source of specialized functional cells for various human organs. Extensive research has been conducted on stem cells for treating human diseases, and one of the most clinically and internationally accepted stem cell therapies is Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

This recent documentary produced by the Yash Charitable Trust sheds light on the misinformation surrounding stem cell therapy given to parents of children born with autism.

Yash Charitable Trust (YCT) has joined forces with its partner Forum for Autism, renowned doctors and professionals in the field, have been working hard trying to promote best practices in understanding and working with neurodiversity. This film is a humble offering against the use of stem cell therapy as a treatment. Please watch and share widely.

Featuring: * Sushama Nagarkar (Psychologist, Trustee, Yash Charitable Trust, and Parent to an adult with autism) * Parul Kumtha (Trustee, Forum for Autism, Mumbai and Parent to a young autistic entrepreneur) * Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy (Founder, Ummeed Child Development Centre) * Uma Ladiwala (Neuroscientist and Stem Cell Researcher, Formerly with TIFR and UM-DAE CEBS, Mumbai) * Dr Vrajesh Udani (Child Neurology & Epilepsy, PD Hinduja National Hospital, BJ Wadia Children’s Hospital, and SRCC Children’s Hospital, Mumbai) * Dr Anaita Udwadia-Hegde (Paediatric Neurologist with SRCC Children’s Hospital, BJ Wadia Hospital, and Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai) * Ram Kumar (name changed) (Parent to a person with autism, who opted for Stem Cell Therapy) * Tayzeem Rasool (Autistic self-advocate) ** Yash Charitable Trust is Mumbai-based non-profit providing skill development and supported employment programs for persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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