Signs & symptoms of Specific Learning Disabilities – Whom to approach for confirmation of diagnosis?
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Remedial Education Specialist, Ms. Farida Raj talks about common signs to help spot learning disabilities in a child. However, please understand that these signs may vary from child to child. Every child is unique. No child will definitively exhibit all the symptoms. If multiple signs mentioned above fit the characteristics exhibited by your child, in the event of which a case for a learning disability maybe suspected and assessed accordingly by a qualified professional. Do not self-diagnose a child to have a Learning Disability on your own if you observe some signs. Visit a qualified professional to get a detailed assessment for your child’s learning problems.

A Clinical Psychologist/Qualified Special Educator/Dyslexia Therapist can help with assessment & diagnosis of Learning Disabilities.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified practitioner for effective diagnosis and management.

Take a moment to see this video about common risk factors for Specific Learning Disabilities


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