Should a child with Autism go to a school that is inclusive or special? How does a parent make a choice?
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The above video by Dr Padma Palavi focuses on understanding should a child with Autism go to a school that is inclusive or special?

This decision of whether a child with Autism should study in an inclusive school or special school depends on a lot of factors. Some of the core issues to consider are as follows –

  • The symptoms and severity of your child’s condition will determine the kind of help and attention he/she would need in the classroom.
  • The availability of schools in your area is an important consideration when picking the right school for your child. Your main focus must be to engage and interact with your child as much as possible – at home, at school and therapy centre. Consider travel time and practical logistics before picking a school.
  • The sensitivity and training of the staff in school will determine if they are equipped to handle the core issues that your child faces every day.
  • Most of all, observe if your child is happy in class. Is he/she getting the help they need to engage in learning?

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