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In this article, you will find public helplines for persons with disabilities.

The lockdown due to Covid-19 has impacted and changed our lives in the way we operate. All of us are restricted to staying home over the past few weeks. We at Nayi Disha Resource Centre have shared through our social media platforms, a lot of activities, videos and schedules to help you keep your kids busy at home. Do start a conversation with parent peers in your community to understand and learn of ways in which others are coping in the current climate.

However, on certain occasions, you may seek professional help in the form of counselling, grievance reporting or support from government authorities on specific challenges you may face.

Nayi Disha Resource Centre has compiled a nationwide list of helplines that you may reach out to in your hour of need. Some of these helplines cater to the general public at large while some remain specific to services dedicated to helping persons with disabilities.

State/UT Helpline Toll-Free Numbers
State/UT Department Toll Free Number
Telangana Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens 1-800-572-8980

State/UT Helpline Toll-Free Numbers
State/UT Department Toll Free Numer
Telangana Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens 1-800-572-8980
Contact Nos for  Govt. Organisation representatives to help persons with Disabilities
State/UT Person Name Email ID Phone no
Andaman & Nicobar Ms. Ankita Mishra Bundela
Andhra Pradesh Ms. K. Damyanti, 9100778087
Andhra Pradesh M.A.Kumar Raja 9490720301
Arunachal Pradesh Ms. Niharika Rai 8919173853
Assam Shri K J Hilaly  9435080266,9453182377
Bihar Shri Atul Prasad,, 9431005001
Chhattisgarh Shri Prassna R 9406100100
Delhi Shri Santosh Kumar 8527077845
Delhi Dr. A. Madhavi 9013270156
Delhi Nitish Mohan Tripathi 9873936472
Goa Shri S. K. Bhandari 9643335576
Goa Shri Santano Fernandes 98814 35463
Gujarat Shri MaNumberj Aggarwal, 9978444105
Gujarat Shri Dina Nath Pandey  9978406491
Haryana Dinesh Shastri 9050080529
Jharkhand Dr. Amitabh Kaushal, 9430119083
Jharkhand Shri Satish Chandra 9431271428
Kerala Shri Biju Prabhakar 9447035355
Kerala Dr. G. Harikumar  9447743797
Madhya Pradesh Shri Sandeep Rajak 9425139344
Madhya Pradesh Shri Sunil Sharma 9752405244
Manipur Shri. V. Vumlunmang 9436034934
Manipur Shri. L. Dhaneshwor Singh 9436027993
Meghalaya Shri Sanjeet K Seal, 9436101358
Meghalaya Smti Bridget Warshong 9863086563
Meghalaya Shri Dylan Robby Syiem 8415927160
Mizoram Smt. Marli Vankung 9436155461
Mizoram Dr. Ankita Chakravarty, IAS 8289008855
Mizoram Shri. F.Vanlalruata 8974144424
Nagaland Ms Diethono Nakhro 8258953837
Odisha Ms. Sulochna Das 9861080699
Puducherry Shri.Ashokan.S 9443635370
Puducherry Smti. Kalavady.D, 9600219478
Puducherry Smti. Kamalakumari V 8637466067
Punjab Shri Davinder Singh 9888880363
Punjab Shri Gagandeep Shahi 9876377800
Rajasthan Shri B.P Chandel 9928309095
Sikkim Shri K. Srineevasulu, 8919173853
Tamil Nadu Shri C. Vijayaraj Kumar 950037711
Tamil Nadu Thiru. Johny Tom Vargease I. A. S 9.18801E+11
Tamil Nadu Corona Virus 24X7 Helpline for Persons with Disabilities & Senior
Tamil Nadu WhatsApp & Video Call Helpline for
Persons with Hearing and Speech Impairments to communicate with Sign
Language Interpreters
Telegana Shri M. Jagadeeswar 9849792093
Telangana Ms. Shailaja  98499 05475
Tripura Dr Deep Kumar Debbarma  7005513426,9862670872
Tripura Shri Anant Das 9436949241, 9612150583
Uttar Pradesh Shri Mahesh Kumar Gupta 9161737373
Uttar Pradesh Shri S. K Shrivastav 9599914539
Uttarakhand Major Yogendra Yadav 99105 61116
West Bengal  033-22143526


Helplines for People with Disabilities
Name of Organisation Place Phone no Help Provided
Project Delhi Delhi 7411167030 Groceries
Project Delhi Delhi 8010330000 Medicine
New Delhi Delhi 99560874098 Counselling and other services
New Delhi Delhi 9891414742 Counselling and other services
Samarthyam India Delhi 9711190806
Viklang Sahara Samiti Delhi Delhi 9811015733
National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) Delhi 7303944839
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled Bangalore 9449864786  Basic groceries and mask kits
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled Bangalore 9449864691  Basic groceries and mask kits
Big Bazaar and KickStart Cabs Bangalore 8105600445 (whatsapp) Groceries
Project Mumbai Mumbai 9879508404 Groceries
Project Mumbai Mumbai 9653330712 (Whatsapp) Groceries
Project Mumbai Mumbai 9992999929 medicines
Ezy Mov Mumbai 9029090880
Tamil Nadu Govt Helpline Chennai 18004250111 Request for Assitance and Supplies
Free CAB service Chennai 95000 67082
Sruti Disability Rights Centre Kolkata Counselling Services
Big Bazaar Kolkata 18002661686 Groceries
Helpline for deaf and hard of hearing peopel Punjab 9888176357
Destitute Foundation Srinagar 9858423611
Drishti Chitrakoot 9721157193
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Trichy 9347412609 5pm-7pm
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Madurai 9347412613  8am-10am
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Ahmednagar 7350640303 5pm-7pm
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Dehradun 8448764159 8pm-10pm
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Vijayawada 8712721500 5pm-7pm
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Tirupati 7032777485 5pm-7pm
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Warangal 7032777497 8am-10am
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Guwahati 7399069663 8am-10am
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Ranchi Siraj Nag 7894300173 8am-10am
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Patna 7797263537 8am-10am
Youth4Jobs Karuna Helpline Bhubaneswar 8759867477 8am-10am
Curated Helpline for Down Syndrome Federation of India (DSFI) to support children/young adults with Down Syndrome
Sr. No. Therapist Consultation offered Days for Consultation Time for Consultation Mobile Number Email ID
1 Dr. Surekha Ramachandran Counselling Monday to Friday 11:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M 98410 99130
2 Ms. Sandhya Krishnamoorthy (Sandy) Activities during lockdown She is presently out of country. Please whatsapp her your requirement and she will call you back. 90030 58060
3 Ms. Mithula V. Physiotherapy Monday to Friday 10 :00 A.M – 1:00 P.M 73580 39531
4 Ms. R. Srilakshmi Physiotherapy Monday to Friday 10 :00 A.M – 1:00 P.M 81240 06533
5 V S Hema malini Special Educator Saturday and Sunday 12:00 P.M – 3:30 P.M.
6 Ms. Sharanya Krishnan Speech Language Pathologist Please contact her directly as her sessions will be one on one. 94983 79583
95000 16583 (only whatsapp)
7 Ms. Tejal Shah Special Educator All Days 10 A.M – 11: 30 A. M 98860 00154
8 Mr. Anil Joshi Counselling All Days 98188 30940
9 Ms. Rashmi Joshi Counselling All Days 96509 68054
10 Ms. Rincy Joseph Counselling WhatsApp messages/voice clip in english, hindi, tamil , malayalam/ emails. 82810 17777
11 Dr. Zaheer Jan Peadratic Therapist All days. 10: 00 A.M to 4:00 P.M 98584 33611
12 Dr. Amita Singhal Cardiologist Whatsapp her your requirements and she will respond when she free 93122 39463
13 Mr. Sachin Jhakotia New Parents support All Days
14 Ms. Sivapriya Special Educator Monday to Friday 2:00 P.M – 5:00 P.M 97390 02149
Doctor Consultation offered Days for Consultation Time for Consultation Mobile Number Email ID
1 Dr. PradeepKumar M Genetics and Pediatrics All days Can be fixed by sending a message to the number given 73731 56666
2 Dr. Madhu Sharma Nutrition and Diet All days – with a prior call or text msg Fixed on prior call or text msg 98720 01679
3 Dr Nikhil Rishikeshi Pediatric eye surgeon Any day 10 am to 12 pm 99213 02688
4 Dr. R. Sankar Orthopaedic issues in children Monday to Friday 11am and 1 pm. Parents can send their queries in advance and contact him between the mentioned time. 99625 82525
Dr. Shaji Thomas John Medical : Monday to Friday 3 PM to 4 PM. Since he is working in the hospital, please try after 10-15 minutes if he doesnt answer the phone immediately 94472 18400

Remember, together we can find ways to help one another remotely – through better awareness, mutual kindness and moral support for the community at large.

Be aware, be careful, be prepared, but most importantly be safe. Use these public helplines catering for the needs for person with disabilities to solve your queries.

You can also hear this audio on COVID 19 care by Dr Ajay Sharma. 


State/UT Helpline Toll-Free Numbers
State/UT Department Toll Free Number
Telangana Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens 1-800-572-8980

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