If you walk in for a developmental assessment for your child – learn what to ask your Pediatrician | Nayi Disha
If you walk in for a developmental assessment for your child – learn what to ask your Pediatrician
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The first few growing years since birth will require every child to have routine health check-ups, to help ensure their growth and overall development are progressing normally. In all families the first point of contact to help address medical concerns (if any) in the child would be his/her doctor – the Pediatrician. It is thus beneficial to maintain an open and honest relationship with your child’s doctor from the very begining. Establish a regular line of communication, and do not hesitate to raise any questions or worries that may be a cause for your concern with reference to potential road blocks that you may spot or suspect along the developmental timecourse of your child. Regular checkups will help spot any developmental delays in your child that may occur from birth till 5 years of age, thus allowing you to take action as early as possible.

The earlier you intervene, the better the impact on your child’s health, with more scope for effective management of the diagnosed condition.

The continuous involvement of the parent with the child’s doctors will directly impact and contribute towards ensuring good health management practises are at your disposal.

We have created a handy toolkit that parents may download, to help prepare for those doctor visits.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.

Use this resource to learn about whom to approach with a specific query with regard to your child’s developmental challenges –  a Pediatric Neurologist or a Developmental Pediatrician?

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