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In a thought-provoking three-part podcast series, renowned developmental pediatrician, Dr. Ajay Sharma, shares invaluable insights on protecting and promoting children’s development. This engaging series provides parents with essential tools and practical tips to actively contribute to their child’s growth.

Reducing Risk Factors: Dr. Sharma delves into the critical aspect of reducing risk factors that may hinder a child’s development. Exploring environmental, social, and behavioral elements, the podcast offers a comprehensive understanding of potential challenges and effective strategies to mitigate these risks.

Sensitive Responsive Parenting: In this segment, Dr. Ajay Sharma emphasizes the significance of sensitive and responsive parenting. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he explores the delicate balance between providing guidance and allowing independence.

Activities to Promote Children’s Development: The final podcast unwraps a treasure trove of activities tailored to promote children’s development. Dr. Ajay Sharma walks parents through creative and engaging activities designed to enhance various facets of a child’s growth, from cognitive skills to emotional intelligence.

Dr. Ajay Sharma’s podcast series is a beacon for parents navigating the intricate journey of child development. Through these insightful discussions, he empowers parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a supportive environment, nurture strong connections, and actively contribute to their child’s holistic growth.

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