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The video is an inspiring story of Guinness awardees with Autism.

Sports are an inalienable part of Joanne and her little brother Brydan. Their parents are great support for the happiness and success of the two Guinness awardees with Autism.

Their parents Bryne and Janice believed that a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important. Thus, Johan and Brydan were enrolled in sports at young ages to encourage physical fitness. In the video they share the importance of giving and opening up opportunities for children.

We know for sure that kids on the spectrum have a lot of energy. They are energetic, they need to push. They need to divert their energy the right way”

Hear the story and journey of the Rodriguez Family. Nayi Disha Resource Centre is proud to be associated with this lovely family.

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You can also see other heartwarming stories of individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities यहां।

यदि आपके पास ऑटिज्म, डाउन सिंड्रोम, एडीएचडी, या अन्य बौद्धिक अक्षमताओं के बारे में प्रश्न हैं, या किसी बच्चे में विकासात्मक देरी के बारे में चिंता है, तो नई दिशा टीम मदद के लिए यहां है। किसी भी प्रश्न या प्रश्न के लिए, कृपया हमारी मुफ़्त हेल्पलाइन पर संपर्क करें 844-844-8996. आप हमें कॉल या व्हाट्स एप भी कर सकते हैं। हमारे काउंसलर अंग्रेजी, हिंदी, मलयालम, गुजराती, मराठी, तेलुगु और बंगाली सहित विभिन्न भाषाएं बोलते हैं।

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this video is for information purposes only. 


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