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The article above talks about the role of medication in Autism care and management.

Autism management in young children (<5years) through medication is not recommended. Autism can be most effectively managed through Behaviour intervention and structure teaching tools started as early as possible. Medication can be used as tool in severe cases if the parent/therapist is incapable of working with the child during his/her therapy sessions. Medication can be used to provide a window of time to get the child to participate in therapy, but not to cure Autism. Therapy management is more important than medication in a child with Autism. Medication only works to help regulate or control certain symptoms of the child’s health. Using them indiscriminately without understanding why a certain medicine has been prescribed and for how long is not recommended for any child of any age.

With regard to the use of medicines for increasing IQ, medication does not affect IQ directly. It doesn’t decrease or increase IQ of your child. Medication in severe cases and in doctor advised situations can help your child participate willingly and effectively in therapy sessions. This consistent engagement of the child in therapy can improve his/her learning in the long run, impacting the IQ. But, you cannot raise the IQ of the child with medications alone.

However, all medications come with a cost and present side effects. It is good to be mindful of side effects to ensure medications are not consumed on a long term basis. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or read about the medication being prescribed, and understand their benefits and side effects for the short or long term in order to make an informed choice for your child. It is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of the role of medication in Autism care and management.

Additionally, please watch this video about the facts and myths about subduing sexual behaviours in adolescents with medication, in conversation with Pediatric Neurologist Dr.Ram Kairam. You can also check out this Factsheet on Autism.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.

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