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As a parent you may find yourself wondering which school is a best fit for your child. This is especially critical when your child has special health needs. Depending on the extent of disability and unique needs of your child you may choose from inclusive schools or special schools. Mainstream schools with an inclusive setup where typical children study and learn alongside children with unique needs are available in many cities in the country. However, please ensure special educators/shadow teachers are included in the school’s staff roll who will ensure your child’s special academic needs are skillfully attended to. On the other hand, parents may prefer to admit their child in a special school which is equipped with special educators and therapists to cater to all the academic and condition management needs of your child’s medical condition. Whichever school you choose to opt for please ensure that the school attends to the basic needs and care for your child. Above are 5 points to consider when looking for a child friendly school for your child.


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