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Identifying signs of Autism - Video by Dr.Ajay Sharma

Identifying signs of Autism - Video by Dr.Ajay Sharma

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This content has been provided to us by Dr.Ajay Sharma, Neuro-developmental Pediatrician. The content in this section has been published on this platform with prior permission from Dr.Ajay Sharma


Nayi Disha has been fortunate to associated with experts like Neuro-developmental Pediatrician Dr.Ajay Sharma. He is passionate about enhancing knowledge and skills of practitioners and parents and runs a website Do check out his valuable Autism-related content on the website. 

In this video link Dr.Ajay narrates the common signs and features of Autism through the observation of a child's social communicative responses. He demonstrates using examples from real video recordings of how these signs may appear to us in real life, for easier and faster correaltion. 

ASD features with narration

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